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selling on amazon vs ebay

Selling on Amazon vs eBay – Discover Which is Better and Why

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These days there are many ecommerce platforms to sell on from Alibaba to Shopify but the two powerhouses still remain eBay and Amazon. I constantly hear people debating whether they should be selling their items on eBay or Amazon or on both? Personally, I believe that each marketplace has its own unique advantages and that one should choose the option that suits his or her needs best. I’m also a strong believer in diversification to…
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Аmazon Marketing services

Amazon Marketing Services – The One Guide You Need to Get Started

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Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) is a very lucrative and effective way for sellers to market their products directly to ‘open-wallet’ consumers. I say lucrative, as in the 3rd quarter of 2017, AMS reported a 58% year-over-year growth in ad sales which is the dollar equivalent of 1.12 Billion. Beyond that, consider that $4 out of every $10 spent online is with Amazon! These two statistics alone should be enough to help you grasp the power…
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The Complete Guide To Amazon Seller Fees (including hidden fees)

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In this post I will explain all Amazon seller fees from A to Z. I will map out all the fees providing you with a clear picture which will allow you to plan your Amazon business and ensure that you stay profitable. The fees which currently exist for sellers on Amazon can be divided into three main groups: Fees pertaining to sales (Amazon sales fees) Seller account fees FBA – Fulfillment By Amazon fees and…
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How to Reduce Amazon Fees – The One Guide You Should Read

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I talked quite a lot about the various eBay fees and how to avoid them, in this post I will discuss the different types of Amazon fees that exist and how to reduce them. I will explain the difference between an Individual seller plan and a Professional seller plan. Read on in order to understand these differences and learn how to reduce Amazon fees on your transactions as effectively as possible. Individual seller fees vs…
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amazon fba calculator

Amazon FBA Calculator – The Complete Step-by-step Guide (Plus critical fees not calculated)

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In this post I will cover everything you need to know about calculating FBA or ‘Fulfillment By Amazon’ fees. I will also share two important fees missing from Amazon’s calculator. It is crucial to keep calculating these fees both before you sign up for this service but also over the course of the selling process in order to ensure that FBA is still profitable for you. The main things you should be keeping track of…
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marketing to millennials

The Definitive eCommerce Guide for Marketing and Selling to Millennials

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So you want to sell to millennials ? You are a seasoned online entrepreneur or maybe you are just getting started but you really want to sell to the millennial demographic – and why wouldn’t you? Millennials, also known as the Y generation are defined as people born roughly from 1980-2000, have a collective yearly spending budget of $600 billion! But in order to sell to them, it is crucial that you understand them and…
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Interview with Chad Rubin: How He Built a Successful Multi-channel eCommerce Business

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For this week’s blog I’ve had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Chad Rubin, Skubana founder and one of the most successful online sellers. How did you come up with the idea to start your own eCommerce business – Think Crucial? It came down to creating products that solve problems. There are two parts to how I arrived at it—first my family background and second my first job after graduation. My parents were in the…
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how to advertise an online store for free

How to Drive High Quality Traffic to Your eCommerce Site without Spending a Dime

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In this post I am going to give advice to e-commerce site owners on how to advertise your online store for free. Many sites have a large advertising budget but at the same time you have folks who are building their site from the ground up and don’t have that kind of cash, if that sounds just about right then this post is for you! There are many tactics which people use to drive traffic…
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ebay social media selling

How to Use Social Media to Sell More on eBay

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I’ll start with this fact: “89% of businesses saw increased market exposure due to social media” – Global social media research summary Here’s what I’m NOT going to talk about: How social media has grown in the past 10 years Why social media is so important to sales Why am I not going to talk about this? Because we’re all aware of this and my goal is to provide you with practical ways to increase…
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ebay store design

eBay Store Design in 2020 and Beyond – The Essential Guide

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Last week I shared everything I learned over the last 10 years about the relevance of an eBay store for you as an eBay seller. eBay store design has changed significantly over the past few years as eBay moves into a more structured way of showcasing its products. It has already affected the way individual listings look(with the ban on active content) and it will change the way your eBay store design will look based…
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