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ebay seller spring 2018 update

This is What You Must Know About the eBay Seller Spring 2018 Update

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eBay’s first seller update in 2018 revealed very important information as to how eBay’s buying experience will look moving forward. More importantly, how the sellers will be impacted. As a new seller, I never paid too much attention to eBay’s seller updates but as the years passed I realized that reading the updates is not optional, but a MUST! A good example to the importance of reading the updates is the active content ban which…
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how to start an ebay store

How to Start an eBay Store – The Complete Guide

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Until recently I thought that it was common knowledge that you can sell on eBay without creating an eBay store. Then I started reading some posts from eBay newbies and realized that the “eBay store” feature is seen by many newbies as a must rather than an optional feature that is relevant only to some eBay sellers depending on various parameters. So for this post I decided to create the ultimate guide on how to…
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Stock sync

The Definitive Guide to Synchronizing Inventory Across Multiple Channels

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I’ve started this blog to help you avoid all the mistakes I’ve made all the way up to building our  5 million dollar / year online business and have over time written a lot about the different operational challenges I had to solve (managing customer service efficiently, saving time with bulk listing etc.) and in this post I’ll share everything I learned about synchronizing your stock across multiple sales channels to maximize your inventory exposure…
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finding a manufacturer to make your product

The Complete Guide to Finding a Manufacturer to Make Your Product

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As your business on eBay grows, you’re going to continue to wonder whether you can cut manufacturing costs. Finding a reputable factory to work with is one of the biggest challenges and if you can’t source products effectively, you’ll have difficulty scaling. With that in mind, this article will provide you with some tips and tricks that should help to set the record straight and point you in the right direction when it comes to…
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Ebay tamplates

How to Choose the Best eBay Templates – 7 Must Have Features to Look Out For

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At any given moment there are well over 1 billion live listings on eBay. It’s well known that one of the most common ways to increase sales on eBay is by creating professional eBay templates (this is exactly how we increased sales on eBay by 220% and won eBay awards). While eBay’s founder, Pierre Omidyar, achieved unprecedented success by creating one of the most popular online marketplaces, it seems as though eBay as a company…
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Mobile commerce

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Commerce in 2018 and Beyond

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In this post I will discuss the exponential growth of mobile e-commerce and why this is a trend online sellers cannot afford to miss. I will also give you a rundown of the best practices to adopt when optimizing your eBay listings for mobile e-commerce or m-commerce as it is now commonly known. 2018 trends - Mobile Commerce by numbers Currently 1.6 billion people use their mobile devices to make purchases over the internet meaning…
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How to Create the Perfect eBay Return Policy to Avoid Extra Costs

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While I was working on optimizing my business and finding areas to improve profitability I never paid too much attention to the impact returns had on my bottom line. In fact, mastering eBay return policy was something I left to when I already achieved some measure of success. In hindsight it was a mistake, so in this post I’ll explain the importance of having a bulletproof returns policy and how to create one. The negative…
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eBay Customer service

How to Reach eBay Customer Service in Seconds – Secrets Revealed!

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Ever had a major issue with your eBay account and needed to speak to a human eBay representative asap? In this post I’m going to share all the best ways to reach the eBay customer service team (and share a surprising conclusion in the end!). One of the most stressful times as an eBay seller is when something crucial goes wrong (such as account suspension, having listings removed, account hacking issues) and you must leave…
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ebay bulk listing crazylister

How to List Faster with eBay Bulk Listing Solutions

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Vast majority of sellers are creating eBay listings individually, not utilizing the advantages of bulk listing. Over time, sellers who master the bulk listing technique will gain a significant advantage, by saving huge amounts of time which will be dedicated to further expanding the business and gaining competitive advantage. eBay bulk listing in abstract Before we dive in to the step by step process, here’s a quick summary of the concept of bulk listing to…
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Ebay analytics

How we used eBay analytics to increase sales

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In this post I’m going to share the key eBay analytics metrics we used to Increase our sales. Being data driven about our business was a crucial contributor to our success. By using data to constantly improve our listings ranking on eBay search results, drive more traffic to our listings and convert more visitors to customers we were able to more than double our sales over a period of 6 months. eBay has recently introduced…
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