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Every business encounters failure at one point or another. The way you react to it will determine how successful your business becomes. These are inspiring stories of small business success.

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3 Unbelievable Amazon Success Stories (Bonus: Retailers Share Success Secrets)

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In this post I would like to talk about 3 very talented individuals who have enjoyed great success on Amazon. Through their stories you will be able to learn: What their call to action was How they found their niche What strategies and tactics they used in order to succeed Amazon success story # 1: Marvin$10,000/ month revenue from his Amazon business in less than 4 months What drove Marvin to start selling on Amazon…
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Dropshipping success stories

From Zero to $1M in 8 Months | Awesome Dropshipping Success Stories

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During my years of doing dropshipping I’ve met countless people who wanted to make money online and build a lifestyle business where they can travel the world and work from their laptop. Of all of those people, I can count only a handful who really made it a reality. These people are self starters who actively search for other sources of income or who have turned selling on eBay into their main revenue source. But what…
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How Cori O’steen Worked with eBay for Charity and Grew Her Business to $10M

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This July, I had the opportunity to share our eBay journey with other sellers while lecturing at the eBay Open event in Las Vegas. eBay invited two sellers – Cori O’Steen and myself, to share our insights with other sellers to help them grow their businesses. While my lectures focused on how Max and I optimized our listings to constantly increase sales, Cori shared how she used charity and personality to get a competitive edge.…
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Sophia Amoruso is GirlBoss

How an Ordinary Girl Turned her Small eBay Business into a Fashion Empire

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A few months ago we shared the story of an eBay seller who went from zero to $250k in just three months, we saw the positive response to their eBay success story. Now we bring you Sophia Amaruso’s story, GIRLBOSS, who started her empire selling revamped vintage clothing on eBay. In 2006, a 22 year old girl sold an eight dollar thrift store find on eBay and profited over 1,000 dollars. That one sale was…
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How We Started an eBay Dropshipping Business with No Money

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Some of you may already be familiar with our background story and how we made millions in sales with our eBay dropshipping business. Over the past few months, I’ve been much more involved in the customer service and had a chance to talk to more and more CrazyLister users. Because of that, I realized that many of you are new to selling on eBay. Types of eBay dropshipping businesses I would categorize the new eBay…
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This Woman is Selling on eBay to Save Lives

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Most of us sell on eBay for a profit. Some do it as a full time living while others as a side income. Nancy sells on eBay to save children’s lives. Building an eBay business is hard, you need to overcome many obstacles, sometimes fight windmills, deal with upset customers and the list goes on. Working on this post helped me put all of these struggles into perspective – for some people even having an…
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ebay success stories suzanne A. wells interviewd on the crazylister blog

How to be Successful on eBay: Interviewing eBay Influencer Suzanne A. Wells

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We know that millions of people make a full-time living by selling on eBay. But when it comes to how to be successful on eBay, very few were able to leverage their eBay business and venture out to create well known brands, and become industry influencers. For this week’s blog I’ve had the honor and pleasure of interviewing one of the most prominent eBay influencers – Suzanne A. Wells. First things first Suzanne, please tell our readers…
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Learn How This eBay Description Template Generates $34,000 / Day

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(Post Updated on November 2017) This eBay description template generates 50 sales a day. What’s more impressive about it is that it’s for a $680 massage chair! That’s a $34,000 revenue from a single listing – per day! Update: The seller offers occasional discounts so the price varies. In this post, I’m going to “reverse engineer” this eBay description template, so that you can implement the secret sauce on your eBay listings and boost your own sales. (more…)
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How This eBay Seller Went From Zero to $250K in Just Three Months

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You will fail. Take it as a fact – failure is a natural part of the path to success. The question is what do you do when things go south? When this seller’s eBay account got suspended, he could have easily quit, instead he took his eBay business to $250k in sales. This is one of the most amazing eBay success stories we’ve heard recently. (more…)
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Successful eBay Sellers: This Seller Increased Sales By 76% With A Simple Change

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One of the main benefits of doing CrazyLister’s customer support as the CEO is getting to personally connect with our users. I learn a ton and often get to hear awesome success stories from successful eBay sellers (a good example is this eBay success story of a seller who went from $0 to $250K in eBay sales in just 3 months!). In this post, I’m going to share my chat with a CrazyLister user – Philip Bourdon, who…
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