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customer service email templates

These 3 Customer Service Email Templates Increased Our Sales Dramatically

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Customer Service is naturally one of the most time consuming activities that online sellers have to conduct on a daily basis. After reading this post you will have 3 awesome customer service email templates to apply for your eBay business. When looking at what customers usually ask about you’ll find that delivery related questions are among the most frequent issues. Some of the most common questions include: Was my item shipped? When did you ship…
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ebay mistakes to avoid

Letter to My Younger Self – Avoid These 4 eBay Selling Mistakes

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Before I begin, I want to thank Pete Sampras for providing the inspiration to write this letter. Dear Max, You’re 25 and about to start your MBA studies (and you know Sampras well since he’s well retired by the time you read this). You’re still not sure what career path is the perfect fit for you, but you’re certain that you don’t want the typical 9-to-5 job that comes along with having to put a company…
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