A true entrepreneurship success story:
Two successful entrepreneurs are sharing everything from starting a tiny eBay business from scratch to growing a multi million dollar online business with multiple sales channels across eBay, Amazon, eCommerce websites and more.
This is a must read for every aspiring entrepreneur who wants to start his own business but doesn’t know where to start.

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19 eCommerce Quotes from the Most Successful People in the Industry

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People who are successful in business especially in eCommerce need a certain kind of drive. But for people who have been selling online for years and are jaded or for people who are just starting out, the key word is claiming or reclaiming your MOJO. For those of you who do not know what mojo is,  according to the Urban Dictionary, it means ‘..personal confidence and charisma..’ Mojo also means magic or charm and that…
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Interview with Chad Rubin: How He Built a Successful Multi-channel eCommerce Business

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For this week’s blog I’ve had the honor and pleasure of interviewing Chad Rubin, Skubana founder and one of the most successful online sellers. How did you come up with the idea to start your own eCommerce business – Think Crucial? It came down to creating products that solve problems. There are two parts to how I arrived at it—first my family background and second my first job after graduation. My parents were in the…
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how to advertise an online store for free

How to Drive High Quality Traffic to Your eCommerce Site without Spending a Dime

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In this post I am going to give advice to e-commerce site owners on how to advertise your online store for free. Many sites have a large advertising budget but at the same time you have folks who are building their site from the ground up and don’t have that kind of cash, if that sounds just about right then this post is for you! There are many tactics which people use to drive traffic…
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finding a manufacturer to make your product

The Complete Guide to Finding a Manufacturer to Make Your Product

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As your business on eBay grows, you’re going to continue to wonder whether you can cut manufacturing costs. Finding a reputable factory to work with is one of the biggest challenges and if you can’t source products effectively, you’ll have difficulty scaling. With that in mind, this article will provide you with some tips and tricks that should help to set the record straight and point you in the right direction when it comes to…
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Dropshipping Secrets Revealed: How We Grew a Dropshipping Business to $4.5 Million

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I sold my first item on eBay in 2008, it was a $70 hair-straightener which was drop shipped to my first ever customer from a Chinese supplier. Since that first sale, my business partner, Max and I, continued on an eventful journey of taking a dropshipping business from zero to over $4.5 million in annual sales. We’ve spilled a lot of blood, sweat and tears learning everything the hard way, from getting our eBay and…
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Does ebay accept Bitcoin

Does eBay accept Bitcoin? The Complete Guide to Bitcoin and eCommerce

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It seems like Bitcoin is everywhere these days, the virtual currency that didn’t exist just few years ago is threatening to change the way we buy and sell online, in this post I’m going to explain everything we as online sellers need to know about bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency - A short history Bitcoin which is a non government backed open source currency officially came into circulation in 2009. ‘Mining’ is the…
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From eBay sellers to Multi-million dollar Startup An Interview With Victor Levitin

From eBay sellers to Multi-million dollar Startup: An Interview With Victor Levitin

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From eBay sellers to Multi-million dollar Startup: An Interview With Victor Levitin * Pardon the accents, this is what happens when a Scot interviews an Israeli… Transcript: Alex Ogilvie:                       Today we are talking about eBay. And to share his experience with us as one of the world’s leading experts on eBay template design and eBay template effectiveness with over 60,000 customers, yeah, so that’s 60,000 customers and 15 million optimized listings under his belt, I’m…
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how we really made millions in revenue from eBay sales

How to Make Money on eBay – Lessons Learned from Building Multi-Million Dollar eBay business

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Why Should You Care? Every week, we share our eBay experience (fails, eBay hacks, selling mistakes) to help you guys increase your own eBay sales and reach the next level. We try to be as specific as possible to give you PRACTICAL tips you can implement right away and see the results soon after That’s how we would have liked to learn and this is why we write this way, no bullshit approach! Last week’s post…
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CrazyLister Raises $600K to Make Selling on eBay Crazy Easy

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The early days – starting an eBay business Max and I started our journey (back in 2008) as two guys selling on eBay. After years of failures, closed accounts, removed listings, frustration and hard work with a “never give up” attitude – we managed to build an eBay business that was grossing over $100k/month. At that point, eBay recognized us for the “highest conversion rates” and began encouraging us to help other businesses sell on eBay.…
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