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ebay seller update 2017

A Major eBay Seller Update I’ve learned while Visiting eBay Headquarters

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eBay has recently announced the new eBay seller update. A few weeks ago, I visited the San Jose meetup group at eBay’s headquarters. At the meetup, eBay’s Brian Burke – Director of Global Feedback, talked about the details of the latest updates and answered our questions. I trust eBay’s public announcement to cover the various updates for you. In this post, I’ll focus on “behind the scenes”, the “Why” behind the huge change eBay is making. (more…)
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ebay sellers survey crazylister

How to Sell on eBay Successfully in 2018? Results of a 60,000 Sellers Survey

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We asked eBay sellers about: Their sales metrics Main challenges Goals for 2018 Today we’re publishing the results – how to sell on eBay successfully in 2018 ! There are millions of eBay businesses out there, but from the perspective of an individual business – it can feel very lonely and isolated. It’s very common to hear sellers ask things like: “Is it just me – or have others been experiencing a decrease in eBay…
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crazylister blog dropshipping mistakes header part 2

Top 9 Dropshipping Wholesalers Mistakes that will Kill Your Business – Part 2

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(5 minute read) Last week, I shared 5 out of the 9 deadliest dropshipping wholesalers mistakes you can make and how to avoid them. This week I’ll complete the list with the other 4 deadliest dropshipping wholesalers mistakes on my list, plus some bonus tips you can implement right away! Dropshipping Wholesalers Mistake #4: inventory availability Since you don’t hold the inventory at your premises, you’re completely reliant on your supplier’s inventory count. Now, most of the dropshipping…
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ebay dropshipping crazylister

Top 9 Drop shipping Wholesalers Mistakes that will Kill Your Business – Solved!

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Some time ago, I wrote about the deadliest dropshipping mistakes we made that nearly killed our business. Looking back, I realize that there are some crucial eBay dropshipping mistakes specifically related to your drop shipping wholesalers which we haven’t touched upon, so we will share nine more deadly mistakes in this post, and more importantly – how to avoid them! Most of those mistakes are attributed to the first phase of working with a new…
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Step-by-Step Guide to Automatically Remove the Background for Your eBay Images

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(6 minute read) They say an image is worth a 1000 words. You know your products are great, so make sure that your images convey this! With an Automatic Background Remover you will easily achieve pro grade results, in this post we’ll show you how. Better Images = Better Conversion. As eBay sellers, we all know just how large the price difference can be across multiple sellers for the exact same product. As well as a…
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The complete guide to - eBay Promoted Listings

The Complete Guide to eBay Promoted Listings (Good, Bad and Ugly)

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Does this scenario sound familiar? You create beautiful eBay listings, work hard on optimizing the keywords in your title, offer a competitive price, and then – Nothing happens. No sales are coming in, because your listings don’t get enough traffic. A recent survey we conducted among CrazyLister’s 50,000 users showed that this is the #1 pain for eBay sellers – “I need more relevant traffic to my listings!”, is a very common response. Seems like eBay…
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Boost Sales with eBay Feedback Widget – step by step guide

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A shopping experience group inside eBay conducted a year and a half long research through 1.5 Billion eBay listing views, 300+ hours of focus groups and interviews with both buyers and sellers. Their findings showed that social proof  and trust indicators are crucial for a buying decision. This blog post will provide a step by step tutorial by Etienne on how to add trust to your eBay listings with eBya feedback widget your can create…
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How we increased Our eBay Conversion Rate by 220% - A step by step guide

How We Increased Our eBay Conversion Rate by 220% – A Step by Step Guide

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Most eBay sellers are desperately looking for ways to Increase sales, I know this because that is where we began in 2008. After the agonizing first few years on eBay, we finally made a breakthrough and found a scientifically proven method to constantly increase our sales by increasing our eBay conversion rate! In 2012 and 2015, Max and I received eBay awards for having the highest eBay conversion rates. CrazyLister co-founders with an eBay award…
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