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ebay feedback

Everything We did to Increase Our eBay Feedback and win more sales

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As newbies on eBay one of the first things we learned was the importance of the eBay feedback system to generating sales. In this post I’ll share everything we did to gain new buyer feedback, revise negative feedback, improve our eBay seller feedback and keep our eBay feedback as close as possible to 100%. eBay Feedback - Why should you care about it There’s the basic explanation which we all know and then there’s the…
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what to sell on ebay

What to Sell on eBay – Everything I’ve Learned from Selling 50,000+ Items on eBay

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What to sell on eBay is probably the holy grail for eBay sellers, this is the starting point for most journeys on eBay. For us, back in 2008 it was no different, we decided to sell on eBay and didn’t have the first clue where to start. In this post I will discuss the sheer variety of items one can sell on eBay, give you a  guideline for how to choose the most profitable products…
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ebay seller news article

2017 In hindsight – 5 Must Read eBay Seller News Articles

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In this post I am going to summarize the most interesting and useful eBay seller news articles  that were published in 2017. Read on if you would like to stay informed about all things eBay from the newest policy updates to fraud and theft, from guaranteed delivery to European VAT policies – all these could have big implications for your eBay store! #5: The Guardian The news: ‘Ebay accused of failing its sellers as fraudulent buyers…
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eBay active content

eBay Active Content Ban – The Definitive Guide to Comply with eBay’s Rules

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“Many tools and services include active content in features added to an item description or your eBay Store, such as scrolling galleries, cross-merchandising widgets, drop-down menus and search-box functionality.” “In 2017, eBay will limit use of active content in sellers’ listings and will provide more information about 2017 plans to limit active content later this year.” (more…)
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eBay seller fees

eBay Seller Fees Explained – The Complete eBay Fee Calculator Guide

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In the 100+ posts we have written about our journey from zero to $100K a month on eBay, I shared personal anecdotes such as losing $20,000 worth of goods during Christmas as well as crucial basics such as finding the best things to sell on eBay. A few days ago it occurred to me that there are some other crucial basics I never covered: What to do if your eBay account gets suspended How to…
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eBay 2017 Fall Seller Update

eBay 2017 Fall Seller Update – Everything You Must Know

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How the update affects sellers? In this post I will cover the most crucial elements of the eBay 2017 fall Update as well as insights on why some of these changes are actually fantastic for sellers and how you can leverage them to increase your sales on eBay. Three elements – Listing visibility, Policy updates, Returns The first thing you need to know is that the eBay seller fall update is divided into three main…
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Favorite eBay Listing Tools We Used to Grow Our Sales to $100k / Month

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In this post I’m going to share the eBay listing tools Max and I used to grow our sales. During a period of 6 months we were able to push our eBay listings to the top of the search results on 5 different eBay sites: US, UK, AUS, DE, FR and increase our eBay sales by 220% (which later helped us win eBay awards for outstanding sales). The method to achieve this was by constantly revising our…
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eBay Best Match Algorithm: The simple method we used to kick-start sales for new eBay listings

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Does this sound familiar? You create a great listing. You invest hours in its content and design. Your price is competitive and you offer fast shipping. Not to mention your feedback is stellar! Still, once the listing goes live, nothing happens. Days turn into weeks, and still nothing. You barely get any orders.  You wonder how this can be? You offer a better deal for the shoppers and your listings look more professional than others,…
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