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Step-by-Step Guide to Automatically Remove the Background for Your eBay Images

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(6 minute read) They say an image is worth a 1000 words. You know your products are great, so make sure that your images convey this! With an Automatic Background Remover you will easily achieve pro grade results, in this post we’ll show you how. Better Images = Better Conversion. As eBay sellers, we all know just how large the price difference can be across multiple sellers for the exact same product. As well as a…
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The complete guide to - eBay Promoted Listings

The Complete Guide to eBay Promoted Listings (Good, Bad and Ugly)

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Does this scenario sound familiar? You create beautiful eBay listings, work hard on optimizing the keywords in your title, offer a competitive price, and then – Nothing happens. No sales are coming in, because your listings don’t get enough traffic. A recent survey we conducted among CrazyLister’s 50,000 users showed that this is the #1 pain for eBay sellers – “I need more relevant traffic to my listings!”, is a very common response. Seems like eBay…
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Boost Sales with eBay Feedback Widget – step by step guide

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A shopping experience group inside eBay conducted a year and a half long research through 1.5 Billion eBay listing views, 300+ hours of focus groups and interviews with both buyers and sellers. Their findings showed that social proof  and trust indicators are crucial for a buying decision. This blog post will provide a step by step tutorial by Etienne on how to add trust to your eBay listings with eBya feedback widget your can create…
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How we increased Our eBay Conversion Rate by 220% - A step by step guide

How We Increased Our eBay Conversion Rate by 220% – A Step by Step Guide

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Most eBay sellers are desperately looking for ways to Increase sales, I know this because that is where we began in 2008. After the agonizing first few years on eBay, we finally made a breakthrough and found a scientifically proven method to constantly increase our sales by increasing our eBay conversion rate! In 2012 and 2015, Max and I received eBay awards for having the highest eBay conversion rates. CrazyLister co-founders with an eBay award…
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Getting Started on eBay: How Going Small Made Us BIG on eBay

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Many sellers getting started on eBay believe they should sell highly requested products, wanted by millions of customers, i.e. Apple iPhones or Gucci Handbags. This is a probably the fastest way to KILL your eBay business, and the WORST strategy you can choose. The idea in a nutshell – A small eBay business is more likely to grow and succeed by focusing on a narrow demographic, understanding their needs, and offering a focused & differentiated shopping experience, along with more…
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5 Easy Tips to Boost Your eBay Holiday Sales

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Shoppers’ traffic to eBay is booming during the holiday season, it’s the perfect time to boost your eBay holiday sales. In this post, Etienne (a professional designer and a veteran eBay seller) and I are going to share tips you can use to bosot your eBay holiday sales. (more…)
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How to Sell on eBay for Beginners: 3 Methods We Used to Grow From $3,000 to $30,000

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In our very first post we explained how we started selling on eBay. For the first two years or so, Max and I worked from home. Our eBay business was doing about $3,000 a month in revenue, leaving Max and myself with some pocket money to buy coffee and donuts. We didn’t have a clear eBay business strategy, but we were eager to improve sales. We were literally possessed – Our small eBay business was…
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The Perfect eBay Design to Skyrocket sales – designer’s secrets revealed

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As a professional graphic designer and template builder, I am always searching for inspiration when creating new designs for clients as well as my own business. You can honestly find inspiration anywhere, originality is the key to standing out from the crowd. Your buyers need to be wowed and have a good reason to choose you over the competition. A unique eBay design listing template with personality is one way to grab their attention. (more…)
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Anatomy of a high-converting eBay listing design

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Victor’s comment: I have previously written about a decade-long study conducted in the UK, which measured the effect of design on sales – In 2005, a group called The Design Council studied 63 companies that publicly traded on the FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) over the course of a decade. They discovered that companies that focused on design did substantially better than the ones that didn’t – they outperformed the FTSE 100 index by 200%. In this post – Etienne (a professional eBay…
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