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From eBay sellers to Multi-million dollar Startup An Interview With Victor Levitin

From eBay sellers to Multi-million dollar Startup: An Interview With Victor Levitin

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From eBay sellers to Multi-million dollar Startup: An Interview With Victor Levitin * Pardon the accents, this is what happens when a Scot interviews an Israeli… Transcript: Alex Ogilvie:                       Today we are talking about eBay. And to share his experience with us as one of the world’s leading experts on eBay template design and eBay template effectiveness with over 60,000 customers, yeah, so that’s 60,000 customers and 15 million optimized listings under his belt, I’m…
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Should eBay sellers offer refunds

eBay Refund: Should eBay Sellers Offer Refunds?

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If I was limited to using one word to answer this question I would simply say – Yes. But I have some free time, so let me break it down 😉 We always did international transactions on eBay, which are much more prone to problems, mainly having to deal with shipping damages and late arrivals. One of our biggest eBay fails was when we found ourselves with $20,000 worth of internationally shipped packages, being lost…
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6 Blog Posts That Every eBay Seller Should Read Right Now

6 eBay Sellers Blog Posts Every Seller Should Read Right Now

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Today, I want to share the best of the best, the most valuable pieces of content. These are the most highly ranked, most shared, best value packed eBay sellers blog posts every eBay seller should read / watch right now. We stumble across numerous highly valuable pieces of contact while conducting research for every post on this blog. However, the reality is that when narrowing everything down to highly valuable content, specific to eBay sellers, the…
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eBay SEO - 8 Insights from Analyzing 1 Million Titles

Perfect eBay Title: What we Learned from Analyzing 1 Million eBay Titles

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While we already shared our eBay title builder best practices, today’s post is based on a study of nearly 1 million eBay titles conducted by Title builder. The study aims to uncover the correlation between titles structure, content and the number of sales it generated. It helps answer questions like: What is the optimal length for an eBay title? How does adding the word “NEW” to an eBay title influence sales? What’s the connection between item…
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This eBay Cross Selling Gallery is 100% Compliant with eBay’s Active Content

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When users contact us at CrazyLister with a feature request we don’t currently have, we have a canned response that goes like this – Unfortunately, this is not currently available. However, it’s a great idea. In fact, we already have this in our development pipeline as it was suggested before as well. The more times an item is mentioned by our users the higher we prioritize it and the faster we will get it done –…
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What are eBay Future Plans and How this Affects Every eBay Seller

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Just like the sellers that use it, eBay is a business. It has its metrics, revenue, employees, tactics, strategy, hopes and fears. Just like we depend on eBay for success, eBay depends on other companies and service providers for its success. In order to be successful on eBay, you have to have a real deep, intimate understanding of the marketplace, of all its strengths and weaknesses. One of the best resources you can use to get to…
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eBay active content

How to Automatically Remove Active Content on eBay in Bulk?

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In June 2017, eBay banned active content from listings. I’ve discussed this topic extensively in a dedicated post, covering everything you need to know about the eBay active content ban. In this post, I’m going to provide you with a step by step tutorial for making your listings compliant with the eBay active content policy. (more…)
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ebay seller update 2017

A Major eBay Seller Update I’ve learned while Visiting eBay Headquarters

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eBay has recently announced the new eBay seller update. A few weeks ago, I visited the San Jose meetup group at eBay’s headquarters. At the meetup, eBay’s Brian Burke – Director of Global Feedback, talked about the details of the latest updates and answered our questions. I trust eBay’s public announcement to cover the various updates for you. In this post, I’ll focus on “behind the scenes”, the “Why” behind the huge change eBay is making. (more…)
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ebay sellers survey crazylister

How to Sell on eBay Successfully in 2018? Results of a 60,000 Sellers Survey

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We asked eBay sellers about: Their sales metrics Main challenges Goals for 2018 Today we’re publishing the results – how to sell on eBay successfully in 2018 ! There are millions of eBay businesses out there, but from the perspective of an individual business – it can feel very lonely and isolated. It’s very common to hear sellers ask things like: “Is it just me – or have others been experiencing a decrease in eBay…
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