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eBay sales down social proof

eBay Sales Down? Elements You Must Improve in your listing – Part 3: Social proof

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Do you know the type of situations when you see a crowd of people and you feel an uncontrolled urge to join them and see the thing they are excited about? This is exactly what social proof is – “Put simply, it’s the positive influence created when someone finds out that others are doing something.” Aileen lee, Founder & Partner @ Cowboy Ventures (more…)
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ebay no sales title

Elements You Should Check When You have no eBay Sales – Part 2: Description Headline

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Last week, I discussed the impact of your eBay listing loading speed on your conversion and sales. In this post, I’m going to talk about another crucial element to eBay sales – your description headline (note that it’s not the eBay item title but the first thing a buyer sees when he scrolls down to see your listing description), this is the only part most of your potential customers read! (more…)
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successful ebay business

I Thought I Knew Everything About eBay, Until I Interviewed this Successful eBay Business

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While conducting the research for our previous post  “Why We Almost Abandoned Selling on eBay, And What Made Us Stay”, I stumbled upon a brilliant article by Annie McDonald – “Why are my eBay sales down“. I was so much impressed with the in-depth analysis of how eBay works, that I felt compelled to contact Annie and ask to “pick her brains” to share her insights with CrazyLister’s community. (more…)
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