Success Stories

Every business encounters failure at one point or another. The way you react to it will determine how successful your business becomes. These are inspiring stories of small business success.

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successful ebay business

I Thought I Knew Everything About eBay, Until I Interviewed this Successful eBay Business

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While conducting the research for our previous post  “Why We Almost Abandoned Selling on eBay, And What Made Us Stay”, I stumbled upon a brilliant article by Annie McDonald – “Why are my eBay sales down“. I was so much impressed with the in-depth analysis of how eBay works, that I felt compelled to contact Annie and ask to “pick her brains” to share her insights with CrazyLister’s community. (more…)
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The Perfect eBay Listing: How We Increased Our Sales by 220%

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Our story starts out a few years ago when I was shopping around eBay for a GPS device. I ended up making a questionable purchase from an anonymous seller in China. The listing for the item had a formidable wall of text, mixed media font styles and colors, and even a smattering of kitschy pictures completely unrelated to the product being sold.

What was this disorganized mayhem?

It was not the item or the seller, but the listing itself that triggered my bias against purchasing this product. The phrase, “you get what you pay for,” ran through my head more than once. However, I bit the bullet and made the purchase because hey, it was cheap.

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