eBay Seller Growth Program to Benefit CrazyLister Users (not only)

Last week, I mentioned us returning from the eBay open conference in Las Vegas. We had a chance to meet in person with the eBay leadership team in person and discuss the struggles and pains shared by the sellers’ community.

As a true Israeli, I’m not easily impressed with words. I believe in actions. I’m under a strong impression that the new eBay management team is focused on helping make eBay better for small and medium sellers. They have already shown first results with the policy changes, introduction of the eBay seller hub and other new initiatives.
One such initiative is eBay’s “Seller Growth Program” which to helps CrazyLister users (and others) grow their businesses.

eBay Seller Growth Program for CrazyLister Users (and others)

Please note – the eBay seller growth program is a new initiative and is currently only available for US registered eBay sellers.

The program offers two segments:

  1. CrazyLister users who are new to eBay.
  2. Sellers who already sell on eBay.

Here is the information as provided by eBay –

We’re writing today to pass on an exciting offer that will qualify you for support from eBay, allowing you to expand your inventory exposure to a world of new customers through the $80 billion eBay marketplace.

CrazyLister merchants with business just like yours have discovered eBay as the fastest and most profitable way to reach entirely new markets—including millions of international buyers. In fact, many of the 164 million active eBay users never shop anyplace else!

New eBay sellers sign up now and get 3 months of UNLIMITED FREE eBay listings plus a FREE 3-month Basic eBay Stores subscription* Click Here to fill in the survey

*Special FREE listings (zero insertion fees) offer applies only to sales of qualified merchandise listed to eBay through CrazyLister.  Limited to first-time eBay sellers or sellers who haven’t listed on eBay within the last 6 months. Final value fees still apply at the discounted rate that comes with a Basic Store subscription. See full terms and conditions.

Already selling on eBay?  Sign up now for the eBay Seller Growth Program. Click Here to fill in the survey

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eBay Seller Growth Program- CrazyLister

eBay Seller Growth Program- CrazyLister

eBay Sellers Growth Program- CrazyLister

eBay Sellers Growth Program- CrazyLister

For those of you who get accepted to the program – I’m curious to hear about your experience, please do share!


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