ebay doctor how to choose the right store format for your eBay business

How to choose the right eBay store subscription and save money? – Episode 5


Do you really need the store feature on eBay? Let’s find out.

Many people think that in order to sell on eBay, you must have your own store. That’s absolutely not true; a store is just nice to have and can save you money depending on your monthly sales volume. There is an easy way to calculate which store type, if any, you need, and it’s called the fee illustrator….let’s check it out.

We’ll choose a category, let’s say clothing.

Then the amount of listings we create monthly, say 100.

We sell 200 items each month with an average price of $80 plus a $10 shipping fee.

In this case, a basic store is the most beneficial option.

So there you have it—use the fee illustrator to determine which store format will be the most beneficial for you.

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