What are some of the reasons why sellers are opposed to using a repricing software?

A repricing software’s main purpose is to keep your prices competitive. These types of softwares are usually used on the most popular eCommerce platforms which are also the most competitive (eBay, Amazon, price comparison platforms such as Shopzilla).

What they actually do is drive the price down. This lowers the seller margin and eventually leads to less profit.

The practice of price war is not a wise practice in the business world, because in almost every industry, only a few sellers will be able to keep up with the low margins and ‘stay in the game’.

Even those sellers who have the lowest prices and can ‘win’ the price war won’t be happy to do so as their margins will be lower as well and they will eventually get less profit.

So the vast majority of sellers don’t want to fight over price, they prefer to have larger margins and win the customer over other factors (excellent customer support, fast shipping, etc…).

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