What are the secret tips and tricks to becoming a Top rated seller on eBay?

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Having grown an eBay business from zero to over $4.5M in annual sales, I never believed in secrets. Selling on eBay is a business like any other. If you know how to correctly run your business then you will probably have at least some success (success is also a subjective term which depends on what you qualify as success).

Nowadays the term “power seller” is less important since eBay released the new seller rating system where a power seller is a ‘top rated seller’ and they even have a higher rank for ‘top rated plus’ sellers.

In order to become a top rated seller on eBay, or any other eCommerce platform, you have to follow these rules:

  1. Deliver quality products – we learned that selling is just the first step, not the end goal. Your product must be reliable in order to retain customers, receive positive reviews, get recommendations and grow your audience and business.
  2. Manage expectations with your customers – in the end, you have to deliver what you advertise, and that goes not only for the product itself, but for the entire buying experience, from delivery on time to answering customer queries in a timely manner to providing full service when required.
    I always try to put myself in my customers’ shoes and see things through their eyes. I ctually put myself in their place and think how I would have liked to be treated. Respect your customers, they’re not stupid.
  1. Communication – I cannot stress this enough, it’s related to my previous point but it deserves its own point.
    Even today, it’s scary to buy online for many people. There is a lot of uncertainty, you never met the seller, he’s half the world apart from you…there are enough reasons not to buy online so make sure that you communicate with the customer:
  • Let them feel that they are being taken care of
  • Make sure to update them when the order is in process
  • When it’s about to dispatch
  • Provide a tracking number with a link for them to track it online
  • Give them estimated delivery date
  • Keep track of orders. If there’s a delay, make sure to update and offer alternatives
  1. Learn from the best – there are several eBay sellers who share their wins and fails to help you grow your sales faster while avoiding crucial mistakes. Spend time reading their advice, it will be time well spent. This blog is the best source out there: eBay Sellers Journey to $100,000 a Month

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