building a uniqe ebay business

How can I sell a product competitively on eBay if the said product is being sold by the manufacturer for a lower price that I bought as a wholesaler?

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It’s true that price is an important factor in a buying decision, but it’s not the only factor that matters. You can start selling on eBay without having the lowest prices!

When I started selling on eBay many years ago,

I didn’t have the best prices,

I didn’t have the fastest shipping,

I didn’t have a big local market,

yet I was able to outsell my competition because I perfected other aspects of selling.

I concentrated on creating the most professional looking listings so that, when people clicked on my listings, they would be convinced that they were getting the best deal on eBay and that there was no point for them to keep looking.

Research found that design affects conversion, so I put all my emphasis on improving design (with an easy to use solution like Crazylister).


Ask yourself:

  • Why would anyone buy from you and not your competitor?
  • What is so special about your business vs the competition?
  • In other words: what is your unique value proposition?

If you want to build a reputation, you must develop a unique business identity, something you’re the best in.

It can be many things, although I would avoid using phrases like: the fastest shipping, the lowest prices, the best customer support, and the like…they are too easy to copy.

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