I’m selling on eBay. Growth is slow. How can I jump-start my sales?

There are many parameters that affect your eBay sales, I saw some answers advising to open stores on other platforms, which is great if you want to get more exposure, but in my opinion, this is a step you should take only after optimizing your sales on eBay since eBay alone is big enough to sustain a business (although I would always prefer to sell multi-channel just to decrease my dependence on a single channel).

One of the most significant parameters that affects your sales on eBay is how you look or – how your listings look- to be exact.

You are perceived as professional as your listings are (of course you have your feedback score but again, it’s one of the parameters).

Let’s say that you provide awesome customer support, you ship everything with next day delivery and your prices are competitive. That’s an awesome advantage over the majority of sellers, BUT if your listing doesn’t reflect that, you will lose sales.

There are numerous ways to build a listing, you can use the eBay basic editor or some free online templates, but they don’t provide any solutions if you need to customize the listing to your needs. And unless you are a talented web designer or have too much cash to spend on one, you are much better off using a solution like Crazylister that allows you to easily customize your listings and create the professional look that helps increase sales.

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