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How to improve your eBay listings search results – Episode 3


Low visibility in ebay: let’s kill this pain!

No, I’m not gonna tell you about magic tricks to appear in top search results, and I recommend you don’t believe anyone who’s trying to sell you this type of BS.

The fact is that improving your visibility in search results is a process, and many elements affect this, some of which are in your control, and others not. The key is to improve just one element at a time.

One such element is item specifics – the filtering option everyone uses.  

Let me explain: when you look for a product on eBay you often get hundreds and thousands of results, to narrow it down you and everyone else uses filtering by item specifics. It’s used heavily on eBay because of the massive choice in almost every category.

If you as a seller don’t fill in your item specifics while creating your listing then you will simply disappear when a buyer filters the results. In this example I filled in item specifics for men’s nike shoes, so I chose the brand, style, size and color. now let’s narrow down our search: we start with 350 thousand results, so like everyone I filter by men’s shoes, then by size, style, color, product line and condition. I’ve now narrowed the results from over 300 thousand to just 300.

Imagine everyone else doing this and then realize how much business you can be missing out on if you don’t take the 30 seconds needed to complete the ebay item specifics!

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