What are the easiest, most user-friendly tools for an eBay store?

There are many activities related to selling on eBay, I will concentrate on the side related to creating eBay listings which is essentially how your business is seen by potential buyers.

There are several ways to create eBay listings:

  1. eBay offers its own editor, it’s fairly simple and old fashioned, you can’t really design something unique, all you can do is add text, change colors, size of text, bold…the most simple of stuff.

In order to create something that’s unique and professional, you will need to know html or pay  a web designer (both quite expensive solutions)

  1. Ready-made templates – This is more advanced, there are several companies that offer designed templates, some offer them for free while others are paid services. I can mention some big names, such as Auctiva and Inkfrog.
  2. Use CrazyLister – CrazyLister is basically Wix for eBay. It allows you to create your own unique listings without any knowledge in html or design skills.

It’s a Drag-and-Drop editor which gives you full freedom to make the listing exactly as you want it to be like.

CrazyLister is free to start and you can choose from the templates it offers or make your own listing from scratch. The result will be a professional looking listing that increases sales.

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