What is something that I can buy in bulk and sell online for a profit?

Today you can sell almost anything online (from iPhone covers to Yachts…),

The one big advantage in buying in bulk is, of course, the lower shipping cost you’ll pay. For example: let’s say you decided to buy 20 Canon cameras, the supplier is located in China and you are located in the States. You would want to send them with full online tracking since it’s not a cheap item. You will most likely use FedEx, DHL, UPS or EMS. Shipping a camera from China to the States is around $35, so if you ship them one by one, you’ll have to pay around $700 just for shipping.

However, if you ship them in bulk, the shipping cost would be around $150 and you save $550.

On the other hand, you can dropship all the products and then you won’t have to stock anything, which is a big advantage if you don’t have the funds to buy stock from the beginning.

You are looking for something low-risk, easy to deal with, lucrative….well, this is what the vast majority of sellers are looking for so it will be no easy task to find something like that and to get a supplier to  work with if you don’t have any credentials.

In terms of cost, I would suggest going for items that:

  1. Cost up to $30-40, so not very expensive so you could buy at least some stock.
  2. Don’t start with products that are technically complicated or have a lot of functionality in them that require technical orientation. You will have a lot of returns if you do!
  3. Do some research on what sells best on eBay, just google it and you’ll be able to get plenty of information.
  4. Choose a niche market since it will be easier to compete and you will be surprised at how many products sell very well in niche markets (iPhone cover for example is not a niche market…)

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